mobile data.

Apps have revolutionized how we experience mobile devices. Now it’s time to reimagine mobile data.

Many mobile operators are struggling to find their role in the new app-driven mobile ecosystem. Pryte helps by enabling their customers to buy mobile data the same way they buy their apps – through a single click on their device, combined with

bite-sized app-specific data packages. Unlike any Telco infrastructure solution, Pryte makes OTT partnerships easy and provides a user experience consumers love.

demand new

business models
for Mobile Data


Only 5 years after apps were introduced, they already account for 80% of the time users spend on smartphones. Yet, operator mobile data plans capture only 5% of the Top 100 apps people use on their smartphones. At the same time, half of operators’ existing subscribers would like to pay based on content and apps as opposed to the present complex and difficult-to-understand MB and GB based plans.

Mobile operators need

to reposition to gain a relevant role in the App-Centric Ecosystem


Mobile operators seldom get the mindshare they deserve as part of the consumer’s smartphone user experience. Their user interfaces are complicated and not integral parts of the app user experience. Adding to the pain, their on-device/online sales and marketing tactics are limited to complex and old-fashioned telecom interfaces such as SMS and USSD.

Telco and App Ecosystems are inherently



Mobile operators try to fit apps into their legacy IT systems. This typically makes partnerships and joint value propositions between mobile operators and app developers expensive, with a slow time-to-market and often also with a crippled user experience. For example, app-specific plans only provide web browser access, are ordered with SMS shortcodes and have complex rules.

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