Bite-sized app-specific data packages.

Partnership of App and

Telco Ecosystems


Pryte enables effortless cooperation with OTT companies to deliver bundled services that consumers prefer.

App User Experience


Pryte transforms Telco user experience by integrating mobile operator services and brand with the consumer’s app user experience.

Cloud-based Growth Platform


Pryte is a fully cloud-based service that includes optimization analytics and requires no changes to operator infrastructure.

Key Consumer Features


  Instantly buy app-specific bite-sized data

     packages just when you need it

  Instant gratification with two-click online

      purchase of data plans

  Full cost control – no bill shock from

     unwanted app data use

  Simple user experience for purchasing and

      managing mobile data when using favorite apps


Key Operator Features


  On-screen selling of app-based packages

  Create new data packages for any app with

       online self-service tools

  Automatic bundling and upselling of data packages

  Bill shock prevention – blocks all unpaid apps

  Sponsored data plans, promotions, incentives

     and loyalty offers

  Segment-of-one targeting based on actual

     subscriber behavior

  Marketing analytics and automation

  Discover off-operator and off-plan app usage

     patterns to expand and optimize offerings

  Online tools for managing and quickly creating

     data packages for any app



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